Anathashia is a company of excellence. Dorothea Ward-Smith, CEO and President, has been a manufacture, importer and exporter of quality products for over 25 years. She spent years working with chemist to develop one of the finest skin care and fragrance lines available. Anathashia Cosmetics was developed for specialty stores to service their customers by providing a complete cosmetic line. The line is recognized both nationally and internationally. Dorothea has always loved and admired Europe's old world beauty. After many trips abroad, she decided to import items that could be sold with the cosmetic line. The finely detailed items have created an elegance that only European artisans could provide. Anathashia now offers women the opportunity to feel, look, and smell beautiful in their surroundings. Most recently, Polish stoneware has been added to the Anathashia product line. Realizing that the kitchen is an important gathering place in the home, Dorothea is offering, to both men and women, a warm but lovely way to make a great presentation. With it's enchanting history, traditional patterns, and modern conveniences Polish stoneware offers the chefs of the family an opportunity to show-off their "good taste." Anathashia is a company designed for quality and opportunity. An opportunity that provides a defining style. Allowing one to make a quality statement about who they are.


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